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Indian cuckold Couple Sex fantasy & Complete Your desire

indian cuckold wife story

That one day I saw a young man from my neighborhood masquerading as my Bodacious & sexy wife. So, what did I do ?Hii, myself aryan and I am 29 year old and the indian cuckold couple(My wife) name is deepika and she is 27year Old.

This Indian cuckold Husband’s wife is of me and my Bodacious wife. From last few Months after our Marriage al the things going smooth with my wife. Especially with mine and I was too good to have this. I am a business owner or it will be good to say that I am a Business Man and I ran a company that’s a Million dollar company in the industry. And due to my Daily sheduled routine and my busy life, it’s not possible to provide most of time from my day hours to my Indian cuckold wife.

And due to this I was getting some more complaints from the society of my wife. If I explain my wife then it will be better to say that if someone see her Physical fitness anyone can get attracted to her. Her complexation was fair, and specially in the city we are living we know what Mumbai Escorts Service is? If I explain my wife physical fitness then you even can’t imagine it trues to find a female as my wife with all these physical beauty in her. Whether it’s for her Breast, or even her ass is big and full of enjoyment.

She was such a princess who used to look like an ectress without even doing Make Up. When ever she moved to one place to other, Desi cuckold she used to move her ass or breasts was amazed anyone’s and there cock can standup easily after watching her.

Before Understanding My story You Must have to understand Indian Cuckold Couple sex Fantasy.

Story of Indian cuckold coupled sex fantasy

So, What is Indian Cuckold Couple sex Fantasy?

An Indian cuckold couple sex fantasy typically involves a scenario where one partner (often the male) derives sexual pleasure from watching their partner (often the female) engage in sexual activities with another person, often referred to as the “bull.” The term “cuckold” originates from a historical practice where men would unknowingly raise another man’s child, implying that the female partner had engaged in sexual activities outside the relationship.

Before Getting understand My store in more prefer way I would like to tell you how she live? Sometimes or I can say Most of the Time My Indian Cuckold wife (Deepika) wear a dress like a seducer.

She Dressed as this type of Dresses like:-

  • She Tempt with a strapless neckline:- Showing off here expanse of skin in a classy and seductive manner with a strapless dress that fits her perfection.
  • Defining her waistline with flares:- She used to wear a flared bandage dress that frames her bust in a fine way that also gives her au natural girlish vibe.
  • Wearing and embracing a front zip dress:- With a zip running from her Neckline to the herm. She create stirs that were sensual and seductive.

And wearing more types of dresses to be seeing by others like wearing shot dresses, Using the dress to have a illusion to be naked and more others.

Beginning of the Indian Cuckold Wife & Experience

Seeing my indian cuckold wife in the dresses I have mentioned before my weapon stands up and get the size bigger and bigger. It’s hard to slow down my weapon after seeing my wife “Deepika”,

But sometimes after it also get’s down. Sometime’s later when she was at home and wearing the dresses looks sexier when she wear sleeveless top & tight shorts. Her ass looks even more sexier in this dress & her bare thighs too.

In Most of the time I also felt that I am losing my interest in my sex life and I was not able to give the sexual pleasure I wanted for my wife.

After a couple of weeks I saw in the balcony that my wife went to the balcony with these dresses, and some one from my neighbour looking at her with a Bad intensions.

The age of that person was not exactly but was around 30-32 year old. That Man wearing only andies looking at my wife in more likely way, he was also standing on his balcony showing his Physical fitness to my wife. He was not so smart but the physical fitness of him was superb. I used to see him always going to gym to maintain his fitness.

Looking to My Indian cuckold Wife, He tooks his hand to his weapon

I found that the man looking at my wife and raising her hands to his weapon and giving a sign to my wife.

Later I found my wife’s eyes fell and gave a smile to him. As soon she gave a smile the man was also gives the smile and suddenly Deepika (My wife) looking around to see if I am there and watching them. I too hastily pretended as I haven’t looked anything what they are doing. 

I noticed one more interesting thing after coming return to the house the person is still steering at balcony. I was amazed and entertained instead of being angry after watching this drama.

Next day again Deepika went to balcony to get the dress hang there and dry the clothes as well she went there to dry her hair too. I saw that she went to Balcony on the same sexy dress too but this time the dress colour was Red and she amazingly looking sexy more than before in that dress. I was hiding near the gate and steering at her and the same man who was already in the same place as the yesterday he was.

But this time I can’t stop myself and when my wife came to the house I asked her to not wear these type of sexy looking dresses and go outside of home or in balcony. I said that the neighbours steer at him like they never seen before these type of girls in their life, In response of My suggestion/question My wife smiled intoxicating and went to the kitchen whispering her ass.

Fantasy Of the Indian cuckold Couple

One day before the Holiday suddenly My wife came to me and asked to take her to the jooging next day to the park. Next day was holiday and that’s why I told her sure why not, I will take you tomorrow to the Park.

In the next day My wife was ready too early around 4:00AM, And the dress she weared I was really shocked. I don’t even understand that why she doing this she weard a dress like I Found a call Cal girl in Mumbai, The wife wore Couple Swapping a tight sleeveless tank top and tight lingerie and left her hair open., She applied lipsticks and wear a short dress instead of pajama and a t-shirt. I don’t ask anything at that time and we went to the walk and suddenly I show that Man doing exercise in the same park already. Some visuals that relates to this situations starting coming over my mind.

After startig our exercise some time after he cames to us and asked her to have a cup of tea? I refused and said we don’t like tea he understand my feeling and then he said are we guys new to Mumbai?

I said yes then he said he is here for more than decades and he knows everone here and told me to connect with him. I said what that mean and then he said that if any thing required to us or any help he will glad to help us. He said hello to my wife and shake the hand to her, my wife smiled at that time I also smiled like I don’t know anything about the situation.

He also told me about her New GYM opening in the city he invited us and I don’t know why but I said we will definitely come.

Doing  Gossips to her I also found that my wife was curious to know more about him she was loving to talk with him.

The Part of A Cuckold wife for ultimate Fun

Later we started doing walking and when she started walking I have seen the face and the eye of that male person, I found him being crazy to my wife and looking badly at her ass and her sexy figure.

Later he found that I am steering at him and his behaviour and then he started watching left or right and started walking there.

We visit the canteen later and we see that he also comes with us and asked that you are here only on holiday it means you’re Health Conscious, Reacting with the word My wife gave a smile to him and replied that we are new and we take sometime to understand the places and the city entirely.

He Replied :- By the way I am a Gym owner and trainer too so, if you need any help you can contact me or come to my gym I will trained you.

My wife Replied:- yes, Why not I will love if you will help and give some health tips.

After this reply he asked for Mobile number and my wife gaves her number, In this Modern world its common to share number with another one and that’s why I don’t ask her to not to share her number.

After taking some protien shake in the canteen we comes home together.

Arriving home later I found the Man at underwear steering at my home, I was looking for my wife and found in kitchen but I found too that she also steering and giving smile to him.

I told my wife that the Husband physical fitness is much better but it doesn’t means to be naked , Suddenly my wife replied it’s his house and his wishes how he lives there and she don’t bare at all.


At night around 11:00 clock my wife said , We should offer a coffee at our home and call that man and we can also get some health tips from him too. I replied her yes and moved my hand to her panty and after to her ass and slowly to her pussy, I found her pussy wet and then I understand what she wants and about her desire.

I tooked off my wife’s cloth

Gradually I tooked her Clothes off and told her Let’s talk something frankly and Romantic like never before. She replied “Hotly” – What are the things ?

I have started My word for that guy

I have started My word with My wife and tells her by keeping my hand on her pussy – That man was looking at you even you’re in Balcony or in a kitchen, And even when you’re in short dress and thin sleeveless tops that suck your body with wet he looks you with a bad ideas. My wife Replied { I don’t know even I don’t watch this any time” again I said, He also shakes his cock by putting his hand on his underwear. Wife Replied ‘Ohh But why they do like this” I repied Because My wife have something that no one have. I found that by hearing this My wife pussy getting weted even she also started assuming something with him.

When I wants a Real cuckold Experience

I said – It might be possible that My cock is smaller and his cock is bigger than me, and his wife Enjoyed most with him…… Listening this My wife replied : I don’t think this I think your is the biiger cock than his and she started moaning.

At that time I have realized my wife become more chubby when we talks about him, she thinks and have a dream with him for something that might possible I don’t want.

Later we had sex that night , After ending the sex I found my wife dissatisfied.

I said my wife with caressing her pussy to call that Man for a coffee in one or two days and get some health tips and spend her time as friend together. She Replied yes and gaves a smile to me like she always wants to call him at my house.

I know that I am not fixing a person to my wife for health tips as well as I was fixing a Sex day for them,

In the next day I went to Market and buys 4 wireless spy camera because I know they will sex and I don’t wants to go that experience. Now, I told My wife to call him and my wife smiled and called her ,

He said I will catchup you at 6 PM at evening. She told sure why not.

Desire’s begins after completing some further steps

I knows that if I was there they will not talk more frankly even they will be silence and that’s why I called one of my colleague and told him to call me at 6:30 PM on evening and called me in name of some urgent works that should be done today.

He comes at our Home

My wife Looking little excited for him, he comes and we welcomes him to our house. My wife was little excited and hand shakes with him.

My wife goes to the kitchen to bring his coffee, we had talking  and exactly at 6;30 PM  I found my friends call , I picks up the call and exactly happens that I wants. I make my call on speaker as I was taking the coffee cup on my hand and he tolds to come urgently to the office had some horistic situation that can be solved by me. I apolize and tells them that I had to go now to office and I moved from there.

I found my wife ( in the camera) in drawing room and that man giving her tips of excersice, I also found them as lays my wife on the bed as a dog style position as used for Escort service in Mumbai and other cities. I was enjoying that moment.

The Moments of pleasure having sex that Evening

 this time I found both having sex position as a Dog fucking style and then going through her legs his cock touching her pussy. My wife stands suddenly and tooks her phone I don’t understand what she was doing instead of having fun with him. Then my phone Rings and I get my wife’s call she asked when I am coming? I replied sorry dear But I am at office and it will take minimum 4-5 hours to get me free this time.

My wife cut the call and I started watching them on my mobile. After disconnecting the call my wife smiled at him and gaves him permission to do anything.

She told him to take her to the room and the Man or that husband la[ her to his hand and get her to the bed in the bedroom.

He kissed her and the Game started

He opened his zipper and pulled out his penis as the game began. Taking a swig of whiskey straight from the car’s bottle, He lit a cigarette to even out the taste. He settled in to watch as my wife’s cuckold sex clip started playing. Before long, they were both naked and my wife was on her knees, giving him oral pleasure. After a few minutes of this, the man laid her down on the bed and got her into the 69 position, working his way down with his mouth. At That time I found my Wife as a Mumbai call girl as they have had slept with someone and him the sexual experience.

When A Wife Find a Real Men in her Life

It was evident from the wife’s delighted expression that she was very pleased with her husband’s sizeable member. Indian cuckold wife (My wife) quickly stood up and spread his legs like a rogue trader while his husband inserted his member into her smooth vagina. The passionate lovemaking began. For ten minutes, the Man pleasured my wife in a missionary position, then turned her around to make her his submissive and began thrusting into her from behind.

After half an hour, the two of them quickly got dressed. I phoned my wife and told her: “I won’t be making it back home tonight. I’ll be home first thing in the morning.” To which my Indian cuckold wife quietly answered, “Okay.”

He did not query my wife’s motives once. After I hung up the phone, I redirected my gaze to the camera and saw that she had removed her husband’s clothes and the pair was back in bed. It then dawned on me that their habit of engaging in intercourse all night was coming back. Thus, dear friends, that is how I came to understand my sexy wife’s unseemly passion for savoring my neighbor’s penis.

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